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Three Generations of Quality and Dedication
Serving Businesses and Municipalities in the Tri-State Area
Pio Logo
Three Generations of Quality and Dedication
Serving Businesses and Municipalities in the Tri-State Area
Comprehensive Offerings to Meet All Needs

Pio Construction provides a wide range of services to both civic and commercial organizations, and is equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexities. Pio Construction’s capabilities include:

Site Development

Pio Construction offers site development services prior to breaking ground. At the early stages of any project, our team can assist you with:

  • Site Selection and Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Design and Engineering
  • Project Cost Estimating
  • Contract Documents
  • Zoning Assistance

Our comprehensive offerings allow our clients to understand their budgets and scope of work before construction begins. We can also perform timely financial analyses and schedule reviews to ensure that projects complete on time and on budget.

We believe that effective site development is the foundation of a strong working relationship. Open lines of communication and a team-based approach establish trust in the initial phase of each project. A strong relationship helps to ensure success throughout the life cycle of the project.


Pio Construction is skilled in the repair, replacement and new installation of underground utilities. Our professional and experienced utility crew uses a systematic approach to safely and skillfully complete each project. Pio Construction will obtain all necessary permits and coordinate required inspections. Work is always completed according to DEP, DOT, and DOB rules and regulations. Utilities supported include:

  • Fire lines
  • Water Main
  • Sewer

We understand and adhere to the standards and specifications of each utility construction project, and take pride in exceeding the expectations of our client and inspectors.

Let us show you how we have earned our sterling reputation for quality work and complete customer satisfaction.


Pio Construction are experts in shoring for safe construction sites. For excavation work that is adjacent to buildings or is below street level, Pio Construction’s shoring services can protect existing structures, streets, and hillsides. Let us provide safe and economical shoring solutions for projects of all scope and sizes. We can install standard and custom shoring systems using concrete, timber, steel, or hydraulics. Our team adheres to OSHA standards and safety guidelines to maintain the integrity of the site and protect all personnel.


Pio Construction can meet your excavation needs for municipal and commercial projects. Our site services include: grading, creating drainage ditches, or clearing land to ready the site for construction. Our company-owned equipment is regularly maintained for safe and proper functioning and our mechanics are on-site for any servicing needs. Pio Construction’s machine operators are certified and will complete the job safely and reliably. Many members of our on-site crew have been on staff for 35 + years. The longevity of our employees is a testament to our values as a company, our work ethic, and high standards of doing business.

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Philadelphia’s vast underground network of sewer systems pipes run 3,000 miles long. More stats? The city boasts 79,000 storm water inlets, 25 pump stations, 18 reservoirs and more than 450 storm water outfalls.